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Football-Fanculture in the Open Society


Mechanisms and Contradictions within dedicated Football-Fanculture
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Fan-Projects in Eastern Europe – Chances and Challenges

Working Meeting in Luzk and Region


Ukraine: 15. - 19. of February 2019



In November 2018 a workshop took place in Berlin, with 10 participants from German Fan-Projects and 20 participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, people active within football-fanculture and sports journalists. The participants discussed chances and challenges of initiating similar social-padagogic fan-projects in Eastern Europe.


The follow-up workshop took place in Kyiv in September 2018. It continued and deepened this discussion and aimed at working on already existing concrete initiatives and possibly starting new ones.


This is part of a bigger project stretching minimum to the end of 2019. We hope to create partnerships between German fan-projects and starting initiatives in Eastern Europe – allowing a mutually beneficial exchange of experiences and thus strengthening Eastern European projects in direction of fan-projects.


The first concrete „Working Meeting“ – at the place of a concrete project – took place in Synelnykovo, a small town near Dnipro in Ukraine, in November 2018. We had about three days to discuss the concrete project – to learn about the initiative, to talk about further ideas and to develop partnerships for the future of the „Synelnykovo Fanproject“. In addition to Ingo and Peter from this overall project, Lukas from the Fanproject of Trier, a town in the West of Germany, shared his experiences and insights. There were up to 5 participants from around the developing fanproject Synelnykovo and participants from Kyiv and Western Ukraine.


The February 2019 „Working Meeting“ will take place in Luzk, maybe with some elements in the immidiate region. It will take in in-depth look into existing and planned initiatives around football-fanculture in that region. Hopefully there will again be participants from Germany and Ukraine; in addition it would be great if participants from Belarus and Russia would share their insights and views and would also profit from the discussions there.


This working-meeting, on the ground in Luzk and region, will be organized mainly by Yurii Konkevych.

Those active in the projects in Luzk region will participate.

2-3 people from German Fanprojects will participate, and there are places for participants from 3-5 more concrete project-initiatives in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (1-2 people from each initiative).


Language of this Working Meeting will mainly be in Russian with translation into German – individual conversations can well be in Ukrainian or English.


Organizers will cover costs of travel, accommodation and most meals.


If you are interested to participate, please send an explanation, why exactly your initiative/ project should participate and a short description of your initiative/ project; as well as a CV to Peter Liesegang (



deadline is midnight Wednesday, 23.01.2019


Football-Fanculture in the Open Society



A Seminar for participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia

for sports-journalists, organizers of fan-activities,

and fan liaison officers from football clubs


Berlin – 13. - 19. of March 2019



Deadline for applications: 03.02.2019, midnight, Berlin time




The participants of this seminar in Berlin will get an in-depth look and insight of the mechanisms of an engaged football fan culture and at the work with fans that have developed in Germany over the past decades – they will have the chance to meet and discuss with representatives from fan projects, fan initiatives, clubs, police and active fan groups. The aim is to get information about (self-) organisation of activities around football and fan-culture in the Open Society.


This seminar is part of a bigger project around football and football fan-culture; and the concept of social-pedagogical Fan-Projects in Germany – and the possibilities to establish similar projects in Eastern Europe.



Additional Information:

  • You have to be ready to participate for the full duration of the seminar

  • Travel to and from and in Berlin will be covered by the seminar

  • Accommodation will be with 2-3 people per room (in specific situations maybe more), Accommodation is covered by the seminar

  • Most meals are covered by the seminar; you should be ready to spend about 25-30 Euro on 3-4 meals by yourself



To participate, you have to…

  • Be a sports journalist or actively work in the sphere of football fan culture

  • Know Russian language

  • Knowing English or German might be an asset, but is not mandatory

  • Be willing to contribute by writing articles and/or becoming active


The organizers would like to attempt to even out the gender balance of participants a bit …… so specifically females actively working on or engaged in football and football-fanculture are encouraged to apply.



To apply please send MAXIMUM 2 documents: your CV and a letter of motivation (why you want to participate, and what you might contribute to the group). Included should be names and mail-addresses of two people, colleagues, whom we might refer to with questions about you. (please: name the documents with your last name making the beginning). Please let us know if you would need a Schengen Visa for the time of the seminar.


We will process the applications as swiftly as possible, and a short time after the deadline you will be informed about the decision of the selection commission.



Deadline for applications: 03.02.2019, midnight, Berlin time


Send application to:



(please indicate clearly that you are applying to the March 2019 seminar)



Organized by: DRA e.V. (German-Russian Exchange)

Fanprojekt Berlin

Ingo Petz, Peter Liesegang